Perhaps the most personal and most important aspect of a guitar is how the player wants it to play. If a guitar isn’t properly set up for your playing style, its nuance of tone doesn’t really matter! This, of course begins with the neck.

I build all my necks out of one solid piece of mahogany. I offer standard neck shapes for each model, although any guitar can have any neck profile, as well as a custom neck shape to suit your needs, or match a favorite guitar. I can also modify any of these neck patterns to a more modern, rounded C-shape, rather than the V-shape of these particular necks. The string spacing at the bridge corresponds to each neck taper, generally to the width of the fretboard at the 14th fret, where the body meets the neck.

-1937 Dreadnought Neck: 1 11/16“ nut width, 2 1/4“ at the body joint. This neck has a soft, yet pronounced V-shape, slightly asymmetrical with the center shifted to the bass side approximately 1/32“.

 -1942 Dreadnought Neck: 1 21/32“ nut width, 2 1/4“ at the body joint. Although the V-shape is similar to the ‘37 neck, the ‘42 neck has a slimmer taper toward the body, and is also slimmer in its overall thickness.

-1937 000 Neck: 1 3/4“ nut width, 2 5/16“ at the body joint. A gentle V-shape, with a similar taper and thickness to the ‘37 dreadnought neck, which is slimmer than the 1 3/4“- 2 3/8“ taper of a modern OM neck. I like this neck quite a bit, and have used it a dreadnought neck for folks who like the string spacing of a wider nut.

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