I believe that every instrument, from a vintage Martin or Gibson to the most humble beginners axe, deserve the same level of professional setup. To play their absolute best.

I have extensive experience repairing fine vintage instruments, and while I can work with most anything, I specialize in acoustic fretted instruments, from basic setups, to refretting and neck resetting and more extensive structural repairs. I am also considered the top mandolin whisperer in the state.

As a musician myself, I understand the very personal and particular nature of a setup. I pride myself on working with my ears as much as my calipers, and enjoy working with musicians to get their instrument playing in top condition.

I’m the co-owner of The Luthiers Workshop, a collaborative shop that handles repair work for music stores throughout the Triangle, and brings together the top stringed instrument repair talent in North Carolina. Give us a call at 866-259-5144, or come visit us at 2207 Leah Dr, #102, Hillsborough, NC 27278


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